To register email us to send you the banking details to execute a banking transfer.

Don’t forget to add your surname in the subject/cause of the banking order/receipt, which you will need to email us.

Please email us your complete postal address so that we can send you the conference receipt.

Please also, let us know if you prefer a tax invoice.


OptionsPrice (€)
Electronic Proceedings-early registration (20/6/2018)(full member pack) :300
Electronic Proceedings – late registration (20/6/2018) (full member pack) : 350
Electronic Proceedings (without presentation/attendance)(20/6/2018): 150
2nd associate person (no pack) (20/6/2018): 100
Non-student attendance (no proceedings and no member pack) (20/6/2018) : 220
Student attendance (light pack and no lunch or dinner) (20/6/2018): 80